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Golden Marble
Surface Sound
Strips Psychic
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About Nissim Khalifa

Born 1980 in Tel-Aviv Jaffa, ISRAEL. Bachelor of music in composition from the Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance (JAMD), where he studied under the direction of Dr. Michael Wolpe. He also studied orchestration under maestro Shimon Cohen, and counterpoint under Dr. Michael Damian. He composed many pieces for chamber & voice ensembles, symphonic works, and music for the theatre & cinema, as well as many arrangements and orchestrations.
Among the ensembles & orchestras to perform his music: Ensemble Kaprizma, Ensemble Meitar, The Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance Chamber Choir, Symphonette Raa'nana Orchestra, Ashdod Symphony Orchestra, The Israel Synfonietta Beer Sheva', and the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra.
Quote: "I intend to dedicate my time for a great and original Israeli musical creation inspired by the life and traditions of ISRAEL, inland and worldwide. For me, the early Israeli-song is the root of all Israeli music, a source of great musical knowledge and a unique cultural treasure; therefore it is of great importance to me, and to my musical personality. As the words of the Hebrew poet Shaul Tchernichovsky: "A man is nothing but the image of his native landscape", so am I and so is my music."